Option 1 - Rolling Monthly Reservation of

£50 per month:

This option is a simple recurring monthly payment. 


You pay the same amount whether you attend all the lessons that are available to you in that month, or not. Think of this like a gym membership. It means that if you cancel, or can't attend a lesson, for any reason (such as going away or illness), you still pay for it. An advantage to this option however is that in a 5 week month, if you attend every week, you will get 5 lessons for £50 rather than 4. The other advantage is that you will have no more than £50 to pay for your lesson reservations in one monthly period, which may help with organising your outgoings.


To make your payments, I ask that you set up a recurring monthly standing order from your bank account, which is very easy to do via online banking. Please make your first payment on the same day as your first official lesson, before you attend.

This more flexible option allows you to book lessons in blocks of 4. 


You don't have to pay for any weeks that you can't attend, up to a maximum of 2 weeks in a row.  With this option, you are also able to rearrange a lesson if you can't make your allotted time that week.  I do ask however that a minimum of 24 hours is given if you need to rearrange or cancel. If 24 hours notice is not given, you still have to pay for the lesson you are cancelling, and it will be taken out of your block of 4. Lesson rearrangement space is very limited, as it depends on someone else making a cancellation. These are offered on a first come first serve basis.


If you are unable to attend your lessons for more than 2 weeks in a row, for any reason, I ask that you please make a retainer payment of £7.50 (half a lesson) for each additional lesson that you miss.  Any retainer payments must be made prior to the extended absence.


To make payments for this option, please transfer £60 via online banking on the same day as the first lesson of each block. Please also transfer it prior to attending the lesson. Alternatively, you can bring cash. You will also receive a text message reminder on each payment day to help you keep track of your lesson payments.  

many thanks !

Option 2 - Flexible Reservation of

£60 per Block of 4: