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MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: £55 (for 4 half hour lessons)

This is a simple recurring monthly payment.


You would choose this option to secure a fixed weekly half hour lesson slot. You pay £55 on the same day each month, whether you attend every week, or have to cancel occasionally. This is similar to a Netflix subscription or gym membership. Attending regularly will reward you with better value for money.  Also, in a five week month, you will receive five lessons for the price of four! This amounts to 4 free lessons per year, or, could be seen as offsetting up to 4 absences. Any absences beyond this are not reimbursable, or transferable to another time or day in accordance with the subscription model.

FLEXIBLE: £65 (for 4 half hour lessons)

This option is intended for those who either need the flexibility of choosing different days and times each week, or who can't commit to a regular weekly lesson slot.

You simply pay for a 4 lesson block, and then book each individual half hour to fit around your other commitments.  I do ask however that a minimum of 24 hours is given if you need to rearrange or cancel. If notice is not given, you still have to pay for the lesson you are cancelling, and it will be taken out of your block of 4. Lesson slots under this option are of course subject to availability at the time you arrange each lesson, and are offered on a first come first serve basis.

many thanks !

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